‘Slow My Age’: Chris Mirabile, 39, claims he has ‘body of a 23-year-old’

A 39-year-old man who claims he has the “biological body of a 23-year-old” is sharing his tips for winding back the clock.

Chris Mirabile, the founder of a consumer longevity biotech company called NOVOS, survived a brain tumour when he was younger – and is now dedicated to prolonging his life and health.

Mr Mirabile has documented his mission on his blog, “Slow My Age”, and recently shared a series of hacks he claims will “extend your lifespan by a significant margin”.

Biological age tests however can be controversial, with one Australian expert stating it’s “not entirely clear how these ages are calculated”.

But generally speaking, it’s kind of like a credit score for your body. The calculator will assess what “risks” are currently on your major organs such as the heart, lungs and bone.

The test aims to measure the rate at which your body is ageing.

Mr Mirabile, is a staunch believer in the process, and while appearing on the John Barrows’ ‘Make It Happen’ podcast recently, he offered up one of his best tips – and it’s simpler than you may expect.

He claimed: “150 minutes per week of moderate physical activity is enough to extend your health span and lifespan by a significant margin.”

He explained that if you go for a brisk walk for 20 minutes per day every day, it will almost bring you to the 150-minute mark. Mr Mirabile also recommended doing body weight exercises twice a week, especially focusing on your legs.

According to The Heart Foundation, regular exercise helps to gain strength, maintain weight and reduce risk factors for some diseases.

Mr Mirabile used doing squats as a good example of body weight exercises, suggesting you build up your endurance starting from 20 reps. He said you can even do this while watching television.

Mr Mirabile himself works out six times per week, splitting it up with three cardio sessions and three weightlifting sessions, the New York Post reports.

“By intense I don’t mean anything crazy,” he said.

“So, like a six to eight-mile [10-13km] run, basically anything I can fit into my schedule – 45 minutes to an hour – and I have to make a point not to push myself too hard.”

He is also a proponent of intermittent fasting.

“One of the most important things to consider is your eating window, the time in which you’re eating,” Mr Mirabile said on the podcast.

He referenced a researcher at the Salk Institute in California, Dr Satchidananda Panda, explaining that it’s better to eat within a shorter window of time.

“The smaller the eating window that you can make, the better it is for your overall health,” Mr Mirabile claimed on the podcast.

“Studies have found, for example, that two people can eat the same exact foods, but if you eat in a smaller period of time, it can have a significantly better health outcome in terms of cardiovascular risk, so on and so forth.”

Mr Mirabile said that he keeps to a healthy diet 90 per cent of the time, especially during work days, according to health/article-12065429/Im-35-biological-age-22-heres-age-without-spending-fortune.html” title=”www.dailymail.co.uk”>Daily Mail.

Some of the typical foods in his diet include broccoli, brussels sprouts and berries – but he doesn’t hesitate to enjoy a treat every now and then, indulging in two “cheat meals” a week, the outlet reported.

“So, I might have a pizza on a Friday night and then a dessert on a Saturday, but I try not to have the pizza and the dessert at the same time because that is a lot all at once,” he said.

Getting a good night’s sleep is also crucial, he said, recommending that you clock in eight hours of rest per night.

Scientists don’t fully understand why humans need so much sleep, but it’s believed to help restore the body physically, as well as organise the brain, Health Direct states.

Sleeping also helps with the function of your nervous system.

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