Garlands get the low down on immune support

With winter approaching, seasonal sniffles and coughs are a given.

However, Liezel Prinsloo, training manager for SA Natural Products, shared some immune support hints and tips with the members of the Garland Ladies Luncheon Club, recently.

Clinging on to last remnants of long lazy summer days, members were dressed in bright floral patterns, which emphasised Prinsloo’s message, in order to remain healthy all year round, our bodies need assistance through adopting healthy lifestyles.

“Our bodies consist out of 75 trillion cells which regenerate every three days, however with age this process progressively become slower,” she said.

“To maintain optimum health and immune support our bodies require 100 nutrients daily to sustain itself, this amounts to seven to eight portions of fruit and vegetables, which often grown from mineral depleted soil.

“But in a fast paced world requiring quick solutions, our lifestyle often leads to us neglecting nutrition.”

Prinsloo says that demanding schedules often has consumers scouring the supplement aisles looking for miracle immune boosters that will keep the body ticking over while staving off the risk of illness and infection.

“We are bombarded with a wide variety of products but choosing the right one may be a daunting task,” she said.

“It is important to understand that as a natural organism, our bodies require an array of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in order to function while protecting against up to 200 variant of colds and flu.

“When looking at immune support supplements, opt for natural products as its ingredient content will be recognised by the body thus ensuring that it is optimally used.”

She continues by saying that it is recommended to use immune modulators with antiviral properties, as opposed to products claiming to boost the immune system.

“Immune modulators regulate the immune system, increasing its workings when natural levels are low and maintaining it when it is in optimal balance,” said Liezel.

“With products like these the user can make consumption part of their daily lives preventing infections, but knowing that usage can safely and easily be increased when the inevitable sniffles do happen.”

She says that although continued use of immune support products may not prevent the user from getting sick, use thereof will lead to quicker recovery and even milder symptoms.

“Choose products that are not only easy to use but that is safe for every member of the family, young to old,” said Liezel.

“However, do not think that because you have opted to use a recommended natural supplement that nutrition can now be ignored.

“Supplementation and nutrition as it aids the immune system to better guard the body.”

The Garlands Ladies Luncheon Club will meet again on May 25.

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