Fit Loose Women at 50+: Ruth Langsford, Nadia Sawalha, Denise Welch and more

From high-street fashion picks to speaking openly about their relationships, the Loose Women stars are among the most relatable presenters on TV – and their relatability extends to their wellness routines.

Unlike A-list stars who often have unattainable workout schedules and personal chefs to keep them looking their best, the Loose Women ladies are just like us when it comes to looking after themselves.

Read on for the easiest-to-follow wellness hacks from our favourite ITV stars…

Carol McGiffin and other Loose Women panellists © Y. Liou/ITV/REX/Shutterstock
The Loose Women always look lovely

At-home dance parties

Nadia Sawalha, 58, regularly shares insights into her workout routine which sees her lifting weights and working hard in the gym, but it was actually a totally free exercise routine that saw her looking slimmer than ever.

Nadia Sawalha standing in a bathroom in lingerie
Nadia always promotes body acceptance with her followers

In an exclusive chat with HELLO!, Nadia revealed: “At one point in the pandemic I used to go into the laundry room, put my Air Pods in, and dance for 20 minutes because it was fun, and I looked so slim because I wasn’t thinking about the way exercising made me look.

“My main tip for enjoying exercise is to never think, ‘How is this going to make me look?’ Because I really believe as long as you’re concentrating on how it will make you look, you won’t enjoy exercise.

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“Instead, think about ‘how is it going to make me feel?’ and then a side effect will be that it will improve the way you look. I wish I understood this 30 years ago.

“Exercise can be anything, but you’ve got to enjoy it. If it’s just walking that you like, then walk. Don’t let anyone say, ‘Walking is not enough, you should be running.'”

Judi Love swears by a boogie to stay healthy too, sharing that she lost a stone and a half while appearing on Strictly in 2021.

judi love shares close bond with <a href=loose women“/>
Judi Love lost weight through dancing

Meal-prep is key

Anyone who follows Ruth Langsford on Instagram will know that Eamonn Holmes’ wife is seriously organised when it comes to her diet.

The 63-year-old shares her meal prep each Sunday, with lunches prepared for each day. Her healthy packed lunch often features a fresh ham and tomato salad and a super-healthy-looking green juice. See her meal prep below…

WATCH: Ruth gave fans a sneak peek into her healthy-living routine

Ruth’s green juice is normally created by cold-pressed juice connoisseurs The Juice Smith and includes pineapple, pear, coriander, spinach, kale, and lime.

This concoction of high-performing ingredients has high levels of magnesium, to help with healthy sleep patterns, whilst vitamins A and C work to support a healthy immune system and new cell growth. Vitamin K in the mix helps with overall health.

Water is essential

Another healthy habit Ruth sticks to is always drinking lots of water. She often shares photos of her gigantic water bottle which has times of the day marked down the side to remind her to stay hydrated throughout the day.

water bottle

In her exclusive column with HELLO!, Ruth’s co-star Frankie Bridge revealed she’s been following Ruth’s lead when it comes to staying hydrated, sharing: “It has genuinely helped me to drink more water daily. It has the times down the side to keep me on track. Before I bought it I’d sometimes get to the end of the day and not even know if I’d had any water.”

Weightlifting works wonders

Weightlifting is super important as we get older to maintain our muscle mass and to keep our bones strong and the Loose Women have definitely heeded this advice, with both Nadia and Ruth sharing that they lift weights as part of their fitness routine.

ruth langsford trx machine© Photo: Instagram
Ruth Langsford works out hard

Sharing a video of herself performing deadlifts in the gym, Nadia wrote: “Loving weight training, wish I’d started 20 years ago!”

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Healthy eating plans can be helpful

Denise Welch impressed fans by shedding two stone in two months, keeping the weight off for 10 years.

She shared that she dropped the weight by following the eating plan Lighter Life.

denise welch swimsuit cut out tesco f and f© Photo: Instagram
Denise Welch stays slim through healthy eating

“I’ve been a proud ambassador for @lighterlifefor 10 yrs. They completely changed my relationship with food,” she shared, alongside a heart emoji.

“It’s about learning to enjoy food without being controlled by it and @lighterlife helps you to do that. It’s also about feeling confident at any age,” she continued.

Ruth has also spoken out about following Slimming World recipes, calling the meals her “favourites.”

Intermittent fasting for health reasons

Nadia Sawalha follows the 16:8 intermittent fasting way of eating, which sees her eat in an eight-hour window of the day, and fasting for the other 16.

“Intermittent fasting is not a diet. It’s a way of eating for life that works brilliantly for me,” she said on her YouTube channel. “It’s about more energy, mental clarity, freedom from the diet culture, oh yeah, and weight loss. And it doesn’t cost anyone a penny!

nadia sawalha orange© Photo: Rex
Nadia Sawalha lost weight for health reasons

 “I am not losing weight for my looks,” she added. “I like the way I look. I am losing weight for my health. I have high cholesterol and my dad has diabetes which I don’t fancy inheriting.”

Cryotherapy to ease aches and pains

One of the less accessible wellness habits the Loose Women love is cryotherapy.

Sharing a photo on Instagram Stories, Denise wrote: “I’m really struggling with vertigo at the moment,” before explaining she’d tried cryotherapy as a treatment for the condition – a procedure also loved by Carol Vorderman.

“It really worked and I unleased a few demons screaming with the cold,” she admitted.

Denise Welch looks fabulous in her lilac blazer© Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock
Denise Welch loves cryotherapy

Benefits of cryotherapy include injury recovery and metabolism support, as well as decreased inflammation and improved circulation. A session in a cryotherapy chamber can also help to reduce toxins, support collagen production to maintain a youthful look and aid weight loss – making the chilly few minutes more than worth it! Cryotherapy can also help with reducing pain from arthritis and reduce migraine symptoms.

Juice retreats for a reset

Another of the panel’s more A-list-inspired wellness habits, Denise loves to visit Jason Vale’s juicing retreat in Portugal, a wellness break also loved by Carol Vorderman and Alison Hammond.

During the retreat, guests drink four juices daily rather than eating solid meals, while taking part in fitness, meditation, games and walks.

The retreat is designed to change the way attendees feel, both mentally and physically, with attendees partaking in mini trampoline exercise classes and yoga sessions. Watch Denise and Alison enjoy their trampolining class below….

WATCH: Alison and Denise bounce about on their wellness break

While popular with celebrities looking to overhaul their health, juicing splits opinion – some people are avid believers in the practice as a reset, while others believe juicing is a form of restrictive eating that can lead to disordered eating. Others feel juicing removes the goodness from fruit and vegetables.

Walking for wellness

It’s well-documented that walking is a great, low-impact way to stay active, and many of the Loose Women stars swear by a wander to blow to cobwebs away.

Ruth Langsford keeps track of her steps© Instagram
Ruth Langsford keeps track of her steps

Ruth often shares close-ups of the screen of her fitness tracker, showing the vast number of steps she walks. One time she’d clocked up almost 12,000 steps, captioning the achievement: “Happy with that!”

Fellow star Coleen Nolan also shared that she had shed three stone by exercising more frequently and walking up to 10,000 steps a day.

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