Apple may soon launch a wearable tag for health and motion tracking

Apple may soon launch a <a href=wearable tag for health and motion tracking” src=”,msid-100280564,imgsize-8852,width-720/100280564.jpg”/>

Apple launched its popular Bluetooth tracker — AirTag – in 2021. Apple AirTag comes really handy to keep track of and find items using Apple’s Find My app. Users can attach the AirTag to a handbag, keys, backpack or other items. Now it appears that Apple is planning to expand the AirTag lineup with the addition of a ‘wearable tag’.

What Apple wearable tag may do
Apple has recently filed for a patent application in Europe. The patent suggests that Apple is working on a new type of AirTag which people can wear. Discovered by Patently Apple, the patent application mentions, “these wearable tags may be placed on different parts of a user’s body or clothing and may be used for one or more health-related functions such as posture monitoring, sun exposure monitoring, physical therapy, running assistance, fall detection, fitness/activity tracking, motion tracking, medical applications, biometric applications, personal training, and other functions.”

The patent also suggests that the wearable tag may house different types of sensors which will collect data about various health-related functions. The patent also elaborates that users will be able to configure, control, and receive data from the wearable tag using an electronic device. This device can determine the wearable tag’s location on the user’s body and select the desired health-related function for the tag either through user input or by analysing sensor data collected from the tag.

The patent illustrations from Apple provide a sneak peek into the potential applications of the Wearable Tag. One of the images illustrates a system comprising numerous wearable tags and electronic devices. These tags can be worn on different body areas, including the wrist, arm, finger, neck, waist, ankle, or other suitable locations, and establish communication with devices such as iPhones, Apple Watches, and iPads.


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